1. How did you first get interested in fashion? Is it important for you or is it all just for fun? I cannot say when my interest in fashion came, it was just always inside me. I remember very, very

Fashion blogger Milena Bekalarska

Here it is ! Milena Bekalarska from Poland is a blogger who answered to our questions! Let’s explore her person or her blog. You can find it here : 1.       How did you first get interested in fashion? Is it


Now, you bought the coolest and smartest phone (like ever!) and you want to use it for maximum and show it while walking, talking, eating… Yeah, we can go on like that. However at the same time you don´t want

grey is the new black

  WE ARE MINIMALISTS. We don´t hide it. It is a fact that might be boring for somebody liking more opulent things but for us it´s mostly a matter of taste. “The lesser the better” is our mantra especially by


As we promised here is another part of our blogger´s interview series. Today we found a man. Or should we call him “boy” instead? Patrik is originally a Slovak blogger writing his blog “slightly differently”, in his own words. Recently he


When we were thinking about what to bring next to our selection of style mixture catching our eyes, we just couldn´t miss out our beloved bloggers. They are inspiring, well mannered and presenting such a refined taste. Who could resist to find out


The new kind of consumer is looking for experience, for that little extra something that makes the difference. „The devil is in the details“, says the old idiom. And we could not agree more. There are trends that are simple bigger than others and


As the warm days are definitely over, our mood, wardrobe and color palette switch as usual. With winter time approaching, we prefer deeper and a bit darker hues. The evergreen of all winters is red, blue, white and black. Manicure


Our whole drive plan: Sydney – Wollongong – Batemans Bay – Merimbula – Lakes Entrance – Phillip Island – Melbourne (+ part of the Great Ocean Road to 12 Apostles) Day 4 – Wollongong to Batemans Bay Our previous road paused in Wollongong


  “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway”~ Coco Chanel Our next blogger made the streets of Prague her very own Boulevad for each day. We are hooked. Even if you live in smaller town, each

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