The quality of style creates a need for uprise of quality stylish things.

Every second we lay our eyes on something out there, we experience a humble sensation of discovering new thing, a new object of our interest, a new beauty in this world… You might agree that most of us seek beauty in their lives and are sadden by not that nice of them that it is important to create as much as we can.

Among other things surrounding us we can´t forget about those that we use every day so we look at them sometimes without even noticing them mentally. How to transform your need for beauty into simple everyday tasks? That´s an easy one – look for it everywhere you move your body and mind. From your clothes, to books and things you can´t imagine your life without – such as phone and your tablet and of course their covers. Now that is something we can help you with. That in case you are looking for something unique and with an unobtrusive light touch of creative design that is close to your lifestyle and way of thinking.

Here is our today´s pick of 5 interior & lifestyle blogs:

  • The Beat that My Heart Skipped – the daily dose of design inspiration
  • Obsessilicious – typography master and ardent fan of modernism will brighten your day
  • A Library of Design – with broader picture in mind by Janelle McCulloch, a former design/architecture design book author
  • Slim Paley – delightful and unusual ideas how to transform your home (and stir your mind)
  • Herriott Grace – if you feel like (really) good & healthy food belongs to design things at home

If you like traveling that means you enjoy the beautiful views, the beauty of old and modern architecture that can overwhelm you by one sight. If you like music (and we are sure there is a need in every one of us to please your mind with those few tones that make your life easier) or a good read or an exhibition with decorative art… There is beauty all around us and we suggest you just keep your eyes and other senses open to all the details you would probably not notice without eventually thinking to be that attentive. It is a matter of practice as it is with everything. So be patient and try and try and try… and wait or that moment when you realize the world is more and more beautiful place every time you open your eyes in the morning and force your body to leave that warm place called bed.

If you are already intrigued, try these sites with easy brain exercises to better your world´s perception:

  1. – you´ll  find them most entertaining
  2. – ooooh yeah, practice can´t be cheated ;)
  3. – just when you think you´ve seen it all!

And now that you tried a variety of them you can focus on the area you´re lacking the most:

As a modern bloke or lady you sure seek the beauty in your everyday accessories – such as cover and cases for your phone, tablet or ultrabook rather stylishly. Weather including it in your interior design vision or by traveling experience you always want it to be the same – a stylish piece for all the occasions.

And here we go with our 3 tips for your touchscreen mate´s designer covers that will fulfill this all beyond your expectations:








And if you think you already have enough beauty in your life then let us congratulate you on that fact and wish you to continue in that direction unconditionally ;)

Have a good one!