Which handbags are coming from the heart of fashion like Paris, New York or Milan this summer? Are they going to be similar to last year’s one or do we have to completely change our wardrobe? Simplicity plays the first

basic t-shirt

What are we going to meet in the streets during summer hot days in 2014? Fashion is changing as the weather but to be honest, there is nothing really new in the casual clothing in this summer. Some pieces are


How to choose the right suitcase is one of the most important decisions which come before your travel abroad. It is necessary to choose that one which would make your travel comfortable and which would fulfil your requirements.   Right


Finally, our favorite season of the year is here. (Well maybe except for those who are allergic to all that blooming stuff.) Everything is somehow brighter and more cheerful. I beg you are wondering what colors are IN this season and


The quality of style creates a need for uprise of quality stylish things. Every second we lay our eyes on something out there, we experience a humble sensation of discovering new thing, a new object of our interest, a new beauty in this


… says a quote of Audrey Hepburn. And we can´t agree more! There are countless faces of Paris and so many places to see and much more feelings this city evokes in different people. City of lights, city of love &


We all know the dilemma – we need a protection of our smartphones or tablets but let´s be honest, it´s so stylish we usually do not want to cover them up. However while caring it around, traveling and other similar activities, we feel