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Now, you bought the coolest and smartest phone (like ever!) and you want to use it for maximum and show it while walking, talking, eating… Yeah, we can go on like that. However at the same time you don´t want

keep calm & stripe up

Do you know that summery feeling when there is just you, sun, beach and those stripes accompaning you wherever you go and whatever you wear? We believe those stripes can go far beyond summer and take you back to those


How to choose the right suitcase is one of the most important decisions which come before your travel abroad. It is necessary to choose that one which would make your travel comfortable and which would fulfil your requirements.   Right


It´s not that long ago (approx. 1 month) when we launched our new Leather Collection (and we are Oh so proud of it!) and we did not expect that media and bloggers will welcome it with so many positive reactions


We all know the dilemma – we need a protection of our smartphones or tablets but let´s be honest, it´s so stylish we usually do not want to cover them up. However while caring it around, traveling and other similar activities, we feel