We don´t hide it. It is a fact that might be boring for somebody liking more opulent things but for us it´s mostly a matter of taste. “The lesser the better” is our mantra especially by looking for a suitable interior piece or another wardrobe article. We´d pick simplicity and clear linear elements each and every time.

Simplify, simplify, simplify… Do it with grace and easiness. The rule is to MAXIMAZE CLARITY. Clarity of your message, mood, inner feeling, seek a refinement of form by function. The result simple as that can be pretty fascinating. The outcome can look sooo simple but the execution is not, believe us. Usual equation is the simpler the look the more complicated achieving it.

According to us, minimalism is not just a trend, it is a philosophical constant flowing through decades and leaving its mark in all departments of society. There is a long evolvement from simple kid´s thinking to complicated assumption that adults make. And in the end you get the right answer or opinion by getting back to roots of simple derivation.

Style and fashion is part of “being more with less”. With less clothes, less accessories, less stuff in general. Minimalism itself eliminates non-essential and unnecessary parts to create one solid entity. At this point of writing this article it just popped in my mind: “What if I didn´t need to think about what to wear in the morning?” After asking myself this question, it was clear. There would be no fun in that! BUT what we actually can achieve is to organize our wardrobes every season, put away the pieces we do not wear anymore (if you really did not put that shirt on you in the last month, you will never wear it again). Simple as that. You wouldn´t believe the helpfulness of this simple step at the beginning of each quarter. Start now.


For purposes mentioned above, GREY would be perfect. Don´t be mistaking, we´re not talking about Mr. Grey. That phenomenon is quite over now. We found our new love interests in less keen but equally stylish things for the coming season.

So we put together the list of our ultimate inspiration pieces that are on our hot list from what we´ve seen lately. Because inspiration lingers everywhere around us, just open those beautiful eyes and see for yourselves what we saw.

Concrete bench from crushed white limestone with extraordinaire sculptural design. Would you like to sit?

(designed by Amanda Levete; found at mattermatters.com)

amanda levete_bench

Still looking for that perfect autumn-to-winter coat that will take you everywhere and won´t disappoint? We found it!

(ISSA oversized wool-blend coat; found on net-a-porter.com)

issa coat

Once in a while we have to let our feet rest. Leave those killer heels at home and try Oxford style instead.

(Wool saddle shoes from Band of Outsiders; found on barneys.com)


Or step up in gorgeously perfect over-the-knee boots. In monochromatic grey, of course.

(by Gianvito Rossi; found on net-a-porter.com)

gianvito rossi over-the-knee boots

Minimalist designer iPad mini case in dark grey combined with cream Italian leather. Enough said.

(from belenty.com)


Ultra feminine bag in patent leather and metallic handles from Balenciaga



2014th favourite earrings – so tribal, so addictive (especially while wearing just one of them!) and so matte greyish. Swooning…



Even in winter the sun can some significant damage to your eyes. Get a pair of square-framed pair made from transparent acetate inspired by the 1950s, and stay timelessly fashionable during the riverside walk.

(by Finds; found on net-a-porter.com)

finds sunglasses

We´ll end our editorial pick with the one item perfect for every cold evening spent with cup of hot tea in your hands and book in your lap. Yes, exactly that one.

(textured-knit sweater by Maje; found on net-a-porter.com)

turtlneck maje

If these super cool designer pieces aren’t already on your fashion radar, well, then, where have you been?

Looking for the winter time already? We actually made up our mind that we do.


Have a nicely grey day


Your belenty team