How to choose the right suitcase is one of the most important decisions which come before your travel abroad. It is necessary to choose that one which would make your travel comfortable and which would fulfil your requirements.

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Right size ?

Size of suitcase is one of the criteria that comes as first. Some cases offer us the possibility of additional space that is undoubtedly an advantage. This can be provided only by textile suitcase, the shell one doesn’t handle this function. Later on, we will explain other differences. What is also important regarding size of the suitcase is that with bigger size there is a higher weight.








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In this category, we can distinguish three types of suitcases. Textile, shell and leather one.
Advantage of the first one is very low weight and as was already, said, it is possible to upgrade its size. Manipulation with this case is quite easy and they usually possess some pockets. Their price is acceptable for everyone.

On the other hand, shell suitcases are definitely more expensive but you pay for the quality. You can transport fragile materials (as ceramic vase for your grand mum) with no worries. These luggage are heavier but they are usually equipped by four small wheels which make their movement easier. And one last note – imagine the behaviour of the staff at the airport… oh, poor suitcase..
Leather suitcases are not seen very often, they are a proof of a higher lifestyle. People usually buy it for the purpose as a business trip. How many wheels?



We personally recommend four wheels because you can move with the luggage in all ways. You will evaluate this character especially in bigger baggage.

My other personal tip is to look at placement of wheels. As a present at Christmas, I got a suitcase that was for the first time used 4 days ago! This day, it is almost not possible to use it anymore. Why? Every time I move with the suitcase and I meet some rough terrain, it starts to swing a lot because the wheels are located too much in the centre, therefore, the balance is lost. It is really difficult to move with this luggage and its lower wheels are scraped because of no stability and fluctuation. Be aware of it!!

While deciding about the suitcase, don’t think only about number of wheels but look also at the quality and the material the wheels are done from. Ideal material is metal.

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Locking ?

Possibility of locking your suitcase is a necessary parameter. Thieves on the airports are nowadays more frequent visitors than normal tourists so we should avoid some unpleasant situations as a meeting with police.
It is recommended to use TSA security numeric locks because of universal system which allows to police open your suitcase with no damage.

Colour ?

Do you think this criteria is not important? No way! You cannot imagine how useful could the colour of your suitcase be! Imagine the huge heap thrown of baggage at the airport… and among them there is your pink one with yellow flowers…









Price ?

For some of us, suitcase is a big investment for our wallet. Their price is moving from 10€ up to 400€. You shouldn’t choose the cheapest one by hook or crook (once I did it like this and I was super lucky – suitcase broke after 4 years of every week usage! – but the second one can be thrown away after 4 days.. No more the cheapest baggage). It is a longtime investment so be ready to pay a little bit more, the quality should be ensured!

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Don’t let your suitcase destroy your holidays! Choose properly and don’t forget to set up insurance covering your travelling partner.

Enjoy summer and bon voyage!