What are we going to meet in the streets during summer hot days in 2014? Fashion is changing as the weather but to be honest, there is nothing really new in the casual clothing in this summer. Some pieces are hangovers from the last year, we recognize some of them from the older time. On the other hand, are fashion icons able to come up with something that was not discovered before? All outfits are just change of something that was worn before.

Big sweatshirts

Winter trend that transmitted sweatshirt into elegant fashion piece persists in collections for the coming season. Why not? For us it is the perfect message – sweatshirts are comfort and there is also not predicted hot summer. Sweatshirts come on, oversize is not over!

wardrobe ladies 1
 source : onfashionandthings.blogspot.cz

Boyfriend style

Anything you‘ll take out of your partners‘s closet and connect with feminine accessory will be trendy. One of the most striking examples would be boyfriend jeans, or jeans with a low-lying crotch –like they are falling a little bit.. I really like this style, I consider it sexy.. But the question is if the reverse gender thinks so?

wardrobe ladies 2

Source : zeny.iprima.cz

Flowery design and hippie style

If you manage to mix differently patterned clothing, you have the advantage. Ethno style allows a great variety and playfulness patterns and colours. We recommend not to take all pieces of clothes in the flowery style. Sometimes it is better to take a simple white&black (as a trendy and never ending combination of colours) outfit accompanied by flowery handbag.

ward lad 3

Source : www.fashionforth.com

Graphic Designs

We are going to draw again! Squares, rectangles, regular patterns of all kinds together. Not round shapes but the sharp one rock this summer. If you want to attract attention, get the checkered pantsuit! You cannot miss eyes of your boss.
wardrobe ladies 4

source : style.mtv.com

Lemon and muted colours

Neons don’t prevail anymore. All colours will be softer to pastel. It will be especially and almost only lemon colour that will dominate this summer. You can see it in combination with basic colours like white, black, or with the beige and grey. This trend was seen already in the spring, but we are happy that it is still viable. We like this combination even it doesn’t look so crazy and summer.


Source : uniquestyleplatform.com
 wardrobe ladies 4,5
source : mydaily.co.uk

Flat shoes

From the heights back to earth. The famous fashion houses such as Valentino or Carven sent this time models in the sandals without heels but with wide straps. And this trend is really seen in the streets. Almost no one suffer on the high heels. Instead of them we can see the variety of summer flat shoes. Thanks the God!
wardrobe ladies 5

source : blackberriesandsparkles.blogspot.cz

We are into trends of this summer, they are really chic and comfortable. Boyfriend style and flat shoes are a proof of it. The motto of this summer is: beauty and comfort.