Now, you bought the coolest and smartest phone (like ever!) and you want to use it for maximum and show it while walking, talking, eating… Yeah, we can go on like that. However at the same time you don´t want to destroy your little treasure by first little (possibly bigger) accident. So buy or not to buy a case to protect it, that´s the question. Well, we say yes. And why not if it can easily show your style and personality as well as your new fancy buddy.

You need to ask yourself a few basic question to start with.

    • Are you looking for real durability or a fashion statement piece? Or both?
    • What are the main tasks you are using your iPhone for? (It´s not that obvious as you might think :))
    • Do you want to cover your screen while carrying it around? Do you rather use screen protective cover?
    • Do you prefer simplicity, wild patterns or nature materials?
    • How and where do you carry your phone most of the time? Handbag, car door, pocket…?
    • The really important thing is the fit, so choose wisely. Some cases are made for certain types of iPhones and those would definitely be our choice as they guarantee the fit will be just perfect.

With those points covered we can move to our pick of available cases and description what you can expect from them. There are several types according to the shape for starters. Then you can select them considering the materials they are made from. The most common types would include designer cases, pouches, and impact resistant cases.

Designer iPhone 5 cases

Designer cases are some of the most popular cases out there. These can be made of hard plastic, silicone, metal, wood or leather. Those without screen protecting part are suited to change the look of the smartphone as its prime function. Those that do cover the whole phone body are more suitable for protective intention.

Hugely popular designer iPhone 5 case style is that made of leather and natural materials, such as felt. These may offer a flip cover that also protects the screen of the phone when it is closed. Also they can help to prevent breaks and cracks more efficiently than the previous ones. Moreover some of them are designed with small pockets to put your credit cards or cash into. That is somehow clever as there is no need to carry a wallet with you if you want to reduce the number of things in your hands. So smart, ha?

Leather iPhone 5 pouches

iPhone 5 leather pouches may be considered as a robust hard-protecting case. The leather iPhone 5 pouch is covering your device from both sides as you slip the phone inside of it from the top. The sturdiest the better we´d say as its purpose is to prevent from scratches, dust and a fall on harder floor. The same applies here as with the designer iPhone 5 cases – most of these pouches are also suitable as iPhone 5s pouch as their measurements are quite the same.

Impact resistant sport iPhone 5 cases

Impact resistant smartphone cases are designed to protect the phone if it is dropped and if you are simple very careless while manipulating with. They are often made of plastic and some kind of a soft silicone which fits tightly and helps to absorb the impact of a fall. Sometimes these types often come with screen protective covers, which are clear plastic covers that affix onto the screen of the phone and help to prevent scratches. In general these are most suitable for very active people doing a lot of sports etc.

Here are some examples so you´d know what´s on the market and what to expect.

Clear solid color style:

1 2



Add a bit of funk and quirkiness with mustache or zebra print:




Wood covers for nature lovers:

5 6



It´s Rock´n´Roll, baby!




If you´re (seriosly) too used for you kindle cases and opening it as books:

10 9



With a luxurious silver touch:

 20 21



Emphasize that tough guy effect and your fun part:

11 12



For those extremely active persons:

14 15



Leather lovers would kill for:

 1817 16


As you can see some of the cases mentioned above pulled off an amazing design. Either in simplicity at its finest or indestructibility at its best. Top of craftsmanship could be seen on many. Flawless designs were shown and surprisingly some of them were appropriate for a rugged man yet enough classy for a fine lady. Now we are speaking about our favorite belenty iPhone 5 cases that we carry around all year long.

Did you already chose your personal favorite?