As the warm days are definitely over, our mood, wardrobe and color palette switch as usual. With winter time approaching, we prefer deeper and a bit darker hues.

The evergreen of all winters is red, blue, white and black. Manicure is for majority of women kind of jewelry instead of just-a-colored-nails. It is an easy and affordable way how to jazz up your winter wardrobe. So look no further than a bottle of accurately chosen nail polish.

To have a better perspective on what is IN right now, let´s have a look on what´s been shown on Fall/Winter 2014-15 runway shows.

Let´s start with the nail´s length. Of course you have multiple choices but we observed that all of them had one thing in common. Natural look. Nails should stay preserved within short and medium lengths about 3-5 mm. As to the shape – the preferred one is ALMOND right now, you might omit squared and pointy shapes for the coming season. Color? If the runway show is not the guiding pointer for you, consider spotting chic chicks at school, on the street or in public transportation. Now if you see one color shade more than 5 times, consider it an ongoing trend. Or you can go completely against the flow and wear the opposite. That actually might be a trend, as well. :)

From our research we narrowed down 4 manicure trends you should be aware of at the moment or even try them. And they are pretty darn cool let´s just say.

Nail trend No. 1 Vamp up your fingers

Go darker then you would normally and you´ll be on right track. Deep purples, wine reds and super rich chocolates are in the house. Feeling sexy or vampy? Then choose one of these shades that suits your inner voice the best. Feeling even sexier already? Just add some more burgundy or red! Oh and make it matte, too. Elegance itself.


Nail trend No. 2 Turned to midnight ashes

Again, nobody could overlook those dark fallen-angel-like tips of your fingers if you dare to wear them. If you don´t feel like purple and red are your hues, and black is, well, just too black for you, then try the biggest hit – grey. From pale grey to darker undertones, there is something about this color that no one can really explain but it is there nevertheless. Many would agree that for past years grey became the new black. Quite accurate that is. Blue is not just for denim. In its darker shades it will look just exquisite. We know blue is not for everybody. BUT if the Parisians can wear it even with black, we can wear it alone, right?! And be sure we will rock this hue a lot this season. Like an awful lot. Another proof is Elie Saab chose it for his models last season. Do you need any other impulse? We don´t!


Nail trend No. 3 We are golden

Everlasting fashion trend, each year and every year. That is metal in all forms and color range. From silver to gold and bronze. And not just for the Friday party night. We like it. We love it. And it is definitely back. Get inspired by Badgley Mischka golden shades or create your own gold-mine-look. Bronze never looked better than with autumn outfits and looks effortless with any skin undertone. With all metal shades you can dress yourself up, or down, depends what your actual mood tells you to do. But they are really versatile on the go. And yes, we know it can be a battle to remove the glitter polishes sometimes. So for those of you who don´t do glitter just because of this fact (or your laziness, that we know quite too well in person), we bring you well meant advice from experts: “Wrap them in acetone soaked cotton, then secure with tin foil, leave for 10 minutes and those dreaded glitters should fall away with ease!”


Nail trend No. 4 Over the Moon

Talking about mega trends, we can´t get enough of half moon graphical shapes placed on different places and colored sensitively – from colored moon and bare nail to extremely opposite colors used on both parts. Bold or subtle, depends. Hottest would be use of colors mentioned above and their mix. Intrigued enough? You can even get innovative with arrow shaped space instead. We opted for muted dark grey base and paired it with silver metallic moon on one finger, then completed the look with our favorite leather pouch for iPhone 5 in cream hue.


Now, pick you color and paint! If you´re still not 100% decided about the color, check out our pick of available nail polishes that are our favorites at the moment.


Have a nice day and nail it girls!


Your belenty (female part) team