We all know the dilemma – we need a protection of our smartphones or tablets but let´s be honest, it´s so stylish we usually do not want to cover them up. However while caring it around, traveling and other similar activities, we feel the need to protect it.

But can the protection be as pretty as your touchscreen friend? Oh, we do believe so.

So why don´t make a style statement of it? We sure hope there are many of us that care about the little details that matter the most.

Basic question while picking the case – why do we need a case? For what purpose? If you don´t want the cover while using it, just for caring it around or protection against the dust at home (but still fitting into your home preferred style) then we have the extremely suitable solution – the belenty Stylish collection cases.

Our philosophy is based on expressing yourself, your way of thinking and life. That is what we see in our cases. We created them with care, with strong feel to satisfy the remarkable people among us that are not afraid to show the world who they are. And do it with seemingly effortless style. Marvelously clean design is completely disarming in its simplicity and perfectly functional using precise craftsmanship that we guarantee. Therefore these are the main pillars of belenty vision:

  • to create products that perfectly complement a contemporary, conventional lifestyle in originality, design and function
  • to raise the quality and tradition of Czech manufacture
  • to create every product with the utmost care and minute attention to every single detail
  • we are determined to periodically design and create products with a unique spirit for you

Cases from our Stylish collection are a reflection of modern lifestyle that pulses throughout different cities, continents, cultures but caries the common sign of that stylish individualism.

If you are heading out to the city, to work meeting or out with friends but you are not willing to leave your touchscreen companion at home, give him the comfort of handmade tailored belenty case.

Beauty of this collection lies in pure simplicity. It connects clear lines and functionality with using of perfect Italian leather in rich cognac or cream color and black felt.

Majority of our cases from Stylish collection includes a slot for keeping your credit cards, IDs, money or other small stuff on hand.

Stylish like this you are good to go and enjoy the smaller or bigger treats of everyday life.

41_detail_ultrabig-iphone-4-case-cream-belenty-stylish-collection 99_detail_ultrabig-samsung-galaxy-s4-case-cream-belenty-stylish-collection

60_detail_ultrabig-iphone-5-case-exclusive-cognac-belenty-stylish-collection 59_detail_ultrabig-iphone-4-case-exclusive-cognac-belenty-stylish-collection

77_detail_ultrabig-ipad-mini-case-cream-belenty-stylish-collection 227_detail_ultrabig-ipad-mini-case-cream-belenty-stylish-collection

83_detail_ultrabig-ipad-case-cognac-belenty-stylish-collection 78_detail_ultrabig-ipad-case-cognac-belenty-stylish-collection