One of the most common question that comes to our mind before summer trip is “Which luggage to take on summer holidays?”

First of all we should be aware which kind of transportation you´ll use. If you travel by plane, your choice is considerably limited due to various restrictions. Usually you can travel only with one luggage plus one carry-on luggage. These pieces of baggage are limited not only by their weight but also by their size. If you exceed these restrictions, you have to be ready to shell out very unpleasant amount of money. Despite this fact, people usually vote for typical suitcase where you can put everything with its order.

Those one who use for transport their car usually prefer smaller travelling bag (kind of shoulder or sport bag) with an abundance of pockets. This baggage makes your stay more comfortable because we (at least some of us) have better awareness where our small hand cream is.

Last basic luggage which you can use as a cover for your stuff is a backpack – very well known by people who are into activities like hitch-hiking and other adventurous hobbies. On the other hand, enthusiasts of fashion would probably reject this option. Louis Vuitton and Husky under Eiffel tower don’t fit together.

luggage 3luggage 2

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So where do you go? What do you actually need? Usually people insert some other pieces of luggage into the big one in order to take it for smaller trips.

It is really funny but what comes to my mind as the first is a case called  “bum pack” or “funny back” that my father was wearing almost in the period of communism. Do you remember that too? Holidays spent near to the local lake.. with old Peugeot 605… Stop remembering… childhood is over!

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But then, Dior came this year with its update and look what came out of it!

chanel bum bags elbow pads


There are some important cases that you really shouldn’t forget. The first one would be small backpack – if you prefer comfortable hiking with free hands. If you travel to Paris, you want probably catch attention of others (but undoubtedly you want to be chic even in the high mountains) by some fashionable purse or wallet.

For travels to maritime countries, it is obligatory to pack “beach bag”. Be also kind to your stuff such as mobile, tablet or sunglasses and put into your suitcase appropriate cases. They need some care, imagine how sensibly airport stuff manipulates with your baggage.

There are so many things that have to be put anywhere to transfer them to a different place during your trip. Don’t forget anything otherwise you’ll spend your first days of holidays by looking for luggage & bag shop. On the other hand, think about the limitation of the weight.