1. How did you first get interested in fashion? Is it important for you or is it all just for fun?

I cannot say when my interest in fashion came, it was just always inside me. I remember very, very little me playing with clothes from my Mum’s closet, changing them and styling myself ;) Also, when I’ve got money for a birthday present first time in my life, I immediately spent it on dress which I just had to own.

2. What are your greatest passions except fashion? Is there something you´d trade it for?

The biggest passion in my life is playing violine and I’ve just graduated Academy of Music a few weeks ago. Doing this and blogging about fashion makes me happy because this is something I truly love.  I’ve been always dreaming about travelling as well. Visiting and tasting new places is the next thing I can’t live without.


3. How long do you expect to keep up the good job on your blog? We sure hope for a long time :)

I started blogging one year ago which is not very long time. It was a great decision and I still try to improve what I do there. I’m happy every single time I feel anybody apprecciate this and I believe this is start of my fashion adventure.


4. Is there a fashion rule you never break (even if it would mean going out naked)? Why do you think it is so important for centuries to express yourself by covering with clothes?

Style and clothing have always been an important part of human’s life, even if you don’t want to agree. As about me, there is only one rule I never break – I must feel that my outfit just fits me and my personality. Doesn’t matter, if it’s fashionable, or not.


5. What would appeal to you the most as a new product/ product line in belenty portfolio?

I especially love the minimalistic, classy leather phone and tablet cases. They look so elegant and effortless like they are just a part of our whole look.