It´s not that long ago (approx. 1 month) when we launched our new Leather Collection (and we are Oh so proud of it!) and we did not expect that media and bloggers will welcome it with so many positive reactions from the very beginning as they actually did. But we are glad it was such a success and we want to thank them for all the nice posts, encouraging emails and their satisfaction. Because your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

We sure hoped our customers would love it but the media opinion is important and really flattering as well. But unless you saw the new collection you wouldn´t know what is all the fuzz about.

Here´s a sneak-peak:

Leather-Collection_Apple-iPad_cream Leather-Collection_Apple-iPhone-5_cognac Leather-Collection_Apple-iPhone-5_detail_cream 

What did the media and bloggers appreciate about the new collection? The precise detailing of hand sewing and quality leather? That and more! We are making every piece with care and it shows. And we went even further, every cover can be truly yours by adding your initials to your smartphone or tablet cover. That said if you want to show this is unquestionably your style and maybe feel a little famous from time to time as the following bloggers did? ;)

Fashion Lady An_01.png katie in black_02.png

Does the cream color make you feel like sitting in a small cafeteria during beautiful Spring afternoon and sipping true Italian cappuccino? These stylish people do:

boulevarddeprague.blogspot.cz_01 dannyrosefashion.com_01

Or is your case an everyday necessity? Oh yes, it is:

nikachic.com_01.png  girl with the black arm_02.png tina_02

Everyone finds her/his own favourite detail about it. Will you?


Our not yet official information just for you – we prepared new image photos of the recent collections and will release them in a blink of an eye. Just be patient and wait for it ;)