Here it is ! Milena Bekalarska from Poland is a blogger who answered to our questions! Let’s explore her person or her blog. You can find it here :

1.       How did you first get interested in fashion? Is it important for you or is it all just for fun?

I was teenager and I love fashion. First it was just fun for me. I started make my blog from post with “Do It Yourself”. I changed my old clothes. Today I can say, that fashion is something more for me. I am working as a stylist. I am personal shopper and apart from that I stylist a models to photoshoot. 

2.      What are your greatest passions except fashion? Is there something you´d trade it for?

In the past I had a lot of passions. I danced modern and rode on horseback. I am still studying on “Politechnika”.  Now I spend a lot of my time fashion. It is my work and it’s my passion.  

3.     How long do you expect to keep up the good job on your blog? We sure hope for a long time :)

It’s depend on some things. I am not only a fashion blogger. I wrote about my work as a stylist. In the future I want to make a blog with my looks and my work. It will be something more. 

4.     Is there a fashion rule you never break (even if it would mean going out naked)? Why do you think it is so important for centuries to express yourself by covering with clothes?


Clothes is not only jeans, jacket and ect. We can make our style and our personality with clothes. It is so important. Next, we should know a rules and use “dress code” It has the effect in our job and career. I am sure, that I never show my naked photos. I am stylist, it is not necessary. I am not a model.

5.    What would appeal to you the most as a new product/ product line in belenty portfolio?

I love beautiful things and new design. Balenty make not only useful things. It is important.  I an not wait to go Up get!