… says a quote of Audrey Hepburn. And we can´t agree more!

There are countless faces of Paris and so many places to see and much more feelings this city evokes in different people. City of lights, city of love & fashion… we could go on like this for a long time and still wouldn´t cover all the sensations it brings to human kind.

For us it is the place where the impeccable fashion sense and courage for innovative thinking merge together. Now that´s why we´re writing about Paris in the first place.  We love design and we love it unique.

In so many ways the notoriously famous Eiffel Tower is unique itself (by that said not only at night):

Eiffel Tower & carousel Eiffel Tower in black and white Eiffel Tower at night

Paris is so much picturesque in red hues. Deep red shows Moulin Rouge, street view from a random restaurant. Light red are close-up pictures of Monmartre book store:

Mpulin Rouge Paris restaurant view

DIOR book Montmartre book shop

Even in 50 shades of grey Paris provides stunning views. We selected these: 1) Arch of Triumph, 2) Keychain Love bridge and Seine view, 3) Monmartre view, 4) Hotel de Ville view:

Paris - Arch of Triumph Paris - Chain bridge

Monmartre view Hotel de Ville view

Those are the places we visited recently. And when we say we´ve been there, it means our iPhone 5 case and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 cover traveled with us. Because we carry them everywhere. Because we LOVE what we created and we LOVE even more using it. That´s our bit of Parisian uniqueness in everyday life. That is how we present our personal style.

And what about you? Have you been in Paris and did you like it? Or simply LOVE it?

PS: See that triple LOVE above? That is how we feel when somebody says: “Paris…”