The new kind of consumer is looking for experience, for that little extra something that makes the difference. „The devil is in the details“, says the old idiom.

And we could not agree more.

There are trends that are simple bigger than others and not just contemporary. Personalization is one of those. It’s a biggie. Personalized customer experience tends to be what makes a world of difference. For many of us, customization is becoming the key element by choosing what to buy next.

What does personalization mean exactly? Some might think it only is category fragmentation with a fancy name. Or is it somehow deeper at play? I think the latter. It all started with fragmentation. From “one size fits them all” to “one size fits many of them” to finally one size built entirely to fit your complexities as an individual. Nowadays, consumers not only want, but expect a personalized experience. And they’re willing to pay for it, too.

From personalized emails, to personalized ads and other communication tools from retailers, we found the examples from the other side, from the consumer side and how he is responding to this trend. He wants to speak up and be heard. Either by using voice, written manifestation or visual perspective. Everything is allowed and wanted.

Our small group of design-oriented folks picked examples of how to get the world to notice who you are as person, even give a clue who you really are, like literally (hint – initials are more and more common).

From putting your name in your personal scrapbook (partially hidden) to showing them to every by-stander on your new poncho or handbag. You might like more subtle monograms in form of little letters on your leather case for iPad or iPhone. What a stylish manifesto! Or sneakers made according your preferred colours and put together by your own hand in ordering process?

Welcome in era of letting people know freely who they reckon with. Either they´ll love it or despise it, doesn´t really matter. At least you are noticeable and that is what you intended to do, right?

A few examples on how to make the goods your own

Burberry show introduced monogrammed ponchos with Cara Delevingne leading the way down the runway. Would you wear it? Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker did.


Fancy a new handbag with your initials to be seen by everyone? Louis Vuitton brought you that possibility with an online application to create your own unique piece.


Last year, monogrammed shirts were in the spotlight. We liked that a lot. Then came such similar things with those letters as Converse, coffee mugs or even iPhone chargers! Honestly, that is quite a lot to digest , don´t you think?


Your leather pouches for tablet or smartphone can have your initials on them, too. Pretty little detail. You can also choose the font used. Visit belenty site for more info.


As for your favourite pen, that can be personalized as well. No doubt.


We fell in love with all those small reminders of who we are and what we strive for. To be exceptional, original and stylish at the same time.

Is this the kind of self presentation you´d try? It makes a nice touch to your personal items. Or just make happy someone close to you, everybody deserves that once in a while.