As we promised here is another part of our blogger´s interview series. Today we found a man. Or should we call him “boy” instead?

Patrik is originally a Slovak blogger writing his blog “slightly differently”, in his own words. Recently he moved to Prague. Name of his blog Made by Boy describes his alter ego, so it is really well-grounded. He writes about Slovak and Czech fashion and life as it goes by. But men´s street style is his core interest.

1. How long have you been a part of blogger world and what inspired you to begin with it in the beginnings? Are you more of an exhibitionist from the core?

I started my blog Made by Boy in summer 2010 because I thought about it as a great opportunity of self-expression and do what I like – writing and doing creative work. Blogs as mine are lot connected with self-presentation and exhibitionism but even it is a personal blog, I am covering lot of topics. I write under my real name, also posting lots of photos from my life so it can cause impression of exhibitionism, little bit.

2. Whom do you envision to be your main target reader? Are there more groups do you intend to reach out to?

My blog targets mostly young people which are interested in lifestyle, are fans of local designers and fashion labels, like to follow life of “one of them” and are enthusiasts of men fashion. But recently I try to reach wider audience also out of this category, so you can find more and more posts about interior design or cosmetics.

3. How would you describe the fashion scene in the city/town/country you live in compared to other major fashion capitals?

I moved to Prague while ago which is compared to Bratislava, where I lived before, much more multicultural what is projected also in fashion. You can see big influence of large known fashion brands followed by people here, and trying to get closer to their style. I think that abroad (London, Milan) you can feel more freedom. Local people there are not afraid of combination different pieces of clothes, bringing into it much more of their own style and impression.

4. Your favorite color/color range?

I like temperate colour tones, different shades of grey and white. Black rules in my closet, it’s my favourite for longer time. From time to time I like to replace it by blue or brown, mostly in accessories.

5. What kind of products would you welcome with open arms in belenty portfolio?

Because I am big fan of men’s clutch bags which are most represented in my bag collection I would like if belenty can expand their range of products of this type.


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