The trend was set clearly. Forget about your usual high-heeled munition for the party. This season can be much more comfortable yet chic. With sneakers. Really.

In case you are still considering the option of switching your killer heels for the new on-trend sporty flat shoes, make up your mind already. It´s about time. It won´t be an overstatement to say that all started in spring with those famous Chanel couture sneakers that rocked the runway and fashion world itself.

And they smoothly transformed into winter tweed sneaker boots.

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But before Chanel sneaker mania there´s been already one hysteria concerning sneakers, when Isabel Marant showed us how to be taller and comfy at the same time. And whether you like these babies or not, they are simply iconic by now.




Still not your cup of tea? Let´s skip from haute couture sneakers to completely another league – the original sporty shoes. There are so many brands it is hard to pick the best ones, so let´s stick with choosing the most fashionable, loved by us, magazines and bloggers. Last summer trend was black & white with check or zigzag pattern as seen on VANS slip-ons.




Come on, it is black & white, it is never ever gonna disappear from the fashion world as we know it. We´ll be seeing them during not that cold winter days and again. Yeah, love those no matter what.

Should I even mention Nike and Adidas? Sport giants no doubt, with ordinary and predictable running shoes BUT there are some statement pieces among them, I didn’t even imagine! From our editorial seek we chose these:

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As the real fashionista, you probably own a pair of New Balance, right? And again, there are so many colors and styles to pick from that I´d be really surprised you couldn´t find anything you like. As usual there are some never-dying styles you can´t go wrong with like rc400 and u410. Oh and did you know you can personalize them by choosing the colors you want on them? We heart.

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Notoriously fashionable and not missing a beat, there are Converse´s Chucks. As they come in many color variations, you can definitely match to your closest taste level. To match them you will need equally sophisticated handbag or briefcase etc. So here is our pick of briefcase to go perfectly with those snow white All Star Hi beauties.




Do you have favorite pair you can´t imagine your daily out and about without?

We sure have, and certainly not just one ;)