Do you know that summery feeling when there is just you, sun, beach and those stripes accompaning you wherever you go and whatever you wear? We believe those stripes can go far beyond summer and take you back to those carefree places yo uloved so much.

Maybe that is the reason why the trensetters always come back for this statement graphic element as it is simply timeless. For the second year in row are so fierce the stried jeans with a little grunge touch but suprising us more with pop of colour, little patterns and more.

See for yourself the pieces we hearted and next time you go shopping, try some striped babies instead of ordinary good old skinny jeans that you already own (at least 5 pieces are right now in your closet and you know it).

Basic black & white combination.


Sources: AX Paris, Blank Denim, Motel Rocks


Add pop of colour and some pattern.


Sources: Refinery29, Topshop, Isabel Marant


For a little more sofisticated look try less stripes and add a statement accessory piece.


Sources: Railroad, belenty, Rag&Bone


Enough of the inspiration. Grab your friend´s arm, spend a pleasant afternoon shopping and tret yourselves with some striped trousers, they are oh so worth it this season.

Have a g´ one :)