Our whole drive plan:

Sydney – Wollongong – Batemans Bay – Merimbula – Lakes Entrance – Phillip Island – Melbourne (+ part of the Great Ocean Road to 12 Apostles)

Day 4 – Wollongong to Batemans Bay

Our previous road paused in Wollongong and its marvelous surrounding. Now let´s continue and explore other tremendous places Australia has got to offer on the way to Melbourne.

As we get going from a little more south from Wollongong, there is a really sweet lookout in Port Kembla. Except the splendid coastal views is an incredibly beautiful installation of small white pyramids on the top of a cliff overlooking a thundering ocean. As there were no marking or anything, we wondered what they might truly be. Only later we discovered their real purpose – tank barriers. Makes sense as they were placed in the shallows to prevent tanks coming ashore during World War II.  From the photos you can see their practicality but they were so magical on the eye nonetheless. Like a little magic out there on the shore.

IMG_2019 IMG_2031

Continuing through the towns of Windang to Shellharbour, you can see lot of wildlife at its best along the shore of Lake Illawarra. If you like fishing, sailing or just watching the bird population, here´d be the place. Any photographer will appreciate the pelican community in Pelican´s Bay, trust me, it truly is a paradise. After this short stop we enjoyed a longer one in Bas Point Reserve, which is really close. Take the time (like a good hour or two) to visit this astonishing piece of earth. There is a rocky coast full of shells, birds, occasionally seals. You can take longer or shorter walkway (as the road for cars stops at one point) or you can enjoy having a BBQ with friends on the lookout point. The scenery will get you to places you had no idea existed and that is just the beginning of your Australian journey.

IMG_2052 IMG_2151

IMG_2156 IMG_2076

Next stop is quite well known and visited by many tourists – the Kiama Blowhole is a really stunning piece of rock. Kiama´s name meaning is “where the sea makes a noise” in the local language.

IMG_2177 IMG_2178

In Kiama you can also find attractions like Black Beach and Cathedral Rocks. Craggy headlands and sheltered coves resting against a backdrop of farming land. The view is just OMG. Here´s the proof.

IMG_2206 IMG_2213

Heading to Nowra, you can´t miss Jervis bay with its white sand beaches and superb translucent turquoise water. You will also see extensive sea grass beds, deep-water cliffs with caves and also dolphins are a regular sight. At Point Perpendicular on the northern side of Jervis Bay , a spectacular lighthouse stands sentinel. Marine Park provides excellent opportunities for scuba diving or kayaking. Another unspoiled area to explore is Booderee National Park with loads of magnificent beaches and delightful bushwalks. The most famous beach is Green Patch, where you can look for resident kangaroos and many enjoyable camping places to stay.

IMG_2376 IMG_2340

IMG_2458 IMG_2454

Another beaches with friendly resident kangaroos are Pebley Beach and Duras North. On hot days , the kangaroos tend to make a cooling dip in the cold water. How cool is that?

IMG_2262 IMG_2297

IMG_2411 IMG_2409

This part of our journey we´re gonna end in Batemans Bay. This town is known as “The Bay” to the locals. Local seafood is sensational.  We stayed at Bay Waters Holiday Resort, which is a pretty cool place sleep over especially in the winter time, when it is quiet and just lacks people. We loved it. And the staff was very nice and helpful all the time.

Next post we´ll be starting at Sapphire Coast and you don´t want to miss that ;)

Until then feel free to begin plan your Aussie trip and think what to pack, ´cause it will be one of those longer trips indeed.

To be continued…