“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway”~ Coco Chanel

Our next blogger made the streets of Prague her very own Boulevad for each day. We are hooked. Even if you live in smaller town, each and every minute can be your runway show and your wardrobe will make a statement. Also, by blogging you can show your personal style creations to the world. Would you? If you didn´t already, think about it. Meanwhile read the following interview.

Jana is a big fashion and a all that around enthusiast. She´s creative and makes her own clothes that she proudly wears and shows off on her blog. As nearly every woman she can´t function without a good long sleep and great food (preferably Italian, Japanese or Mexican).

1. How long have you been a part of blogger world and what inspired you to begin with it in the beginnings? Are you more of an exhibitionist from the core?

I founded my blog three years ago. I started writing because I wanted to share my opinions and content with the group that has the same interests as me. I am generally an introvert and fashion helps me to express an opinion without words, I believe, that having own style is as important as having something to say. Thanks to writing my own blog I can express my thoughts so I feel kind of more like extrovert.


2.  Whom do you envision to be your main target reader? Are there more groups do you intend to reach out to?

I write blog, that is not only about fashion but also about lifestyle, travel, DIY and design so I can reach more groups of followers at similar age as me. I want to inspire those who do not want to dress boringly while comfort and quality is also important for them.


3.  How would you describe the fashion scene in the city/town/country you live in compared to other major fashion capitals?

Prague has a lot of creative young people who are not afraid to experiment and create new things. On the other hand, there is majority of those who are average and do not want to stand out in any way. In some other countries it is usual to give you a compliment when they like your outfit, on the other hand when you overdo something, they do not complain about it. It is not same in our country, but I feel that it is improving thanks to blogs, social networks and young brands.


4.  Your favorite color/color range?

I have more favorite colors. It changes with the season and always the latest fashion trends. In the summer I loved black and white, now in the autumn I prefer to wear beige, camel and cream.


5.  What kind of products would you welcome with open arms in belenty portfolio?

Certainly women handbags, shoppers, shoulder bags or clutches. I would appreciate practically designed bag with inside pockets for phone, tablet or notebook.


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