When we were thinking about what to bring next to our selection of style mixture catching our eyes, we just couldn´t miss out our beloved bloggers.

They are inspiring, well mannered and presenting such a refined taste. Who could resist to find out a little more about them? We couldn´t and actually came up with a section on our own blog dedicated specifically to them – Blogger´s Crush. ´Cause we have a crush, for real. The ideal form of blogger´s presentation seemed to us to make a short interview. So we did. Here is what we found out.

Our first pick to introduce is Loli Laneová, a successful young model and stylist from the Czech Republic.

Read more about her preferences, passion, culture fashion differences and why did she start to write her blog.

  1. How long have you been a part of blogger world and what inspired you to begin with it in the beginnings? Are you more of an exhibitionist from the core?

I honestly cannot remember so I had to look it up on my blog :). It’s been 4.5 years already! I can hardly believe it… It sounds a bit weird I’m sure but the first impulse for blogging was the death of my favorite designer Alexander McQueen. I felt like I wanted to share my passion for the fashion world with someone. That’s really what still keeps me blogging… And maybe yes a little bit of exhibitionist might be somewhere there in me…

  1. Whom do you envision to be your main target reader? Are there more groups do you intend to reach out to?

I imagine my reader as someone who loves to travel like me and enjoys the different cultures as an inspiration. I believe my style slightly changes and gets influenced by my surroundings. After all it is about exposure… I reside in New York and a half of my readers are from the US but then the other half is from Europe (with the majority from the Czech and Slovak republic) and I believe that is something quite unique for a Czech blogger so I’m proud of that. That said I don’t write my posts thinking “what do these Americans wanna read about today?”. I’m just having fun with it and I post what I feel like at the moment. My ideal target group is the world travelers because that’s who I see myself as and that is what I want to read about (i.e. new super cool concept store opening in London, a cool independent designers shop in New York, new talent emerging from Berlin fashion week, etc.)

  1. How would you describe the fashion scene in the city/town/country you live in compared to other major fashion capitals?

Let’s do a comparison of my current home New York and my second home Prague. I’m still hoping it will get better but at the moment it seems to me that the situation in Prague is quite underwhelming. Prague is a rich region but people still buy one jacket for winter and wear it with everything. The shoe situation is beyond me and I feel embarrassed seeing what sort of uglywear instead of evening wear women put on for special occasions such as going to a theatre, a ball, etc. However, there are people in Prague who are stylish and have a lot of personality when it comes to dressing themselves and that is the light at the end of the tunnel. New York on the other hand is all about inventing the new and creating combinations that the world hasn’t seen before. It can be too much for me but I do understand the urge to stand out in the sea of New Yorkers. What I like is the fact that I’m in the middle of a city where I can really see the most beautiful designer goods “in action” every day. What you see on the runways you see on the streets and I spot someone amazing every few blocks.

  1. Your favorite color/color range?

That is easy: black. It makes me feel my best.

  1. What kind of products would you welcome with open arms in belenty portfolio?

As I mentioned before I travel quite often so anything like beauty pouches, passport holders and other necessities for traveling would make me happy. Oh and card holders since I’m getting my new cards soon.


If you enjoyed this quick Q&A post, stay tuned for our next ones with more bloggers following.


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